Omoide Project: "Memories"

The Omoide Project is an initiative of the Hifumi En Society to create an audio/visual record of the people, stories, and history of the Japanese community in Spokane, Washington. This collection of interviews focuses on many aspects of Japanese American history, from early U.S. immigration to present-day issues. The majority of the interviews follow a life-history approach, which offers a detailed, in-depth glimpse into each interviewee’s life. Hifumi En worked in collaboration with KSPS public television to create this video archive to serve as a reflection tool as well as an educational tool for generations to come.

Densho Visual History

The following interviews, consisting of Japanese Americans in or from Spokane, was conducted by Densho starting in 1996 as part of Densho’s initiative to capture the stories of Japanese Americans from various parts of Washington. For more information or to see more stories from Japanese outside of Spokane, click here